Video: Nickels Brothers on Bridge Street

Bridge Street (News Channel 9) was kind enough to host Steve and Kevin Nickels live on the air in late February, 2019. Nickels Energy Solutions wants everyone to know that 2019 represents the final year of the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit. This means that 2019 is the last year for property owner’s to utilize all available incentives. Starting in 2020, the new Federal Tax Credit will be 26%. In 2021, the Federal Tax Credit will be 22%.

Now is definitely the time to go solar!

During the interview, Kevin Nickels points out “Central New York weather is perfectly fine for solar installations. What we find is that our spring, summer and fall is still really good for solar and despite our winter weather, you’re going to produce enough electricity during those key months that it’ll create credits on your utility account. Those credits roll over and that will eliminate a future bill.”

Steve Nickels added, “We start with the utility bill in order to find the number of solar panels needed.” Using the utility bill, Nickels Energy Solutions can determine the amount of electricity produced by the solar panels at your property. Some homes need more panels than others.

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