Solar Energy Myths

Solar Energy Myths

Working in the Renewable Energy Industry as a solar panel installer in Central New York,
there are many myths floating around that damage the reputation of solar energy. We are here to
debunk some of the most common myths, including our Central New York weather, the cost of
going solar and how solar projects impact your home’s value.

“Syracuse Weather Isn’t Good For Solar”

We hear it all the time, “We don’t get enough sun in Central New York, it can’t work here.”
When we are designing a Solar PV system for a home or business, we are using 30-year weather data, which is used based precisely on the solar project’s location. It is true that winter production is lower than summer production due to shorter days and snow coverage. And we plan for that!

In New York, overproduced electricity goes back onto your Utility grid. Your Utility will sell that
excess electricity to your neighbors and, in return, the Utility will provide you with credits on your
account. These credits will “roll over” from month to month. If your solar project covers 100% of
your solar electric needs, you won’t have a winter electric bill due to the credits you accumulated
during the spring, summer and fall months. The spring and fall are typically excellent opportunities
for creating credits because items like air conditioners and pools are in use less often.

“Solar Energy Is Too Expensive”

Another popular myth is that the cost is an absurd amount and very difficult to afford. There
are several incentives and tax credits, which can cut the overall cost of a solar project significantly!
In New York, there is a NYSERDA rebate that lowers the upfront project cost for the property
owner. This rebate is based on the size of the project and is given to your solar installer – so the
customer pays a lower price. After the project is installed, the property owner will enjoy Federal
and State Income Tax Credits. Tax Credits are calculated on a basis of project cost, so contact us
today for your free estimate. Our one page Quote lays out your project specific details for the
NYSERDA rebate and the Tax Credits available to you. In terms of affordability, we offer excellent
financing terms that allow most homeowners to go solar with $0 Down.

Solar is a great way of obtaining energy from a clean source and can be an investment for
a customer. Solar myths give falsified information and skeptical mindsets to individuals about
solar. Here at NES we move step by step with the customer to ensure that all their questions are
answered and are fully aware of each step.