Traditional Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Go solar with Traditional Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Traditional ground mounts can be seen all over New York state. This ground mount strategy has been around for many years. This project is our standard strategy when a property owner requests a ground mount. Although, we do take the time to educate the property owner on the benefits of the other ground mount strategies that exist (Pole mount and Ballasted). We are also happy to provide you with an estimate on all three strategies. This helps the property owner to weigh the pros and cons associated with each option.


“Great Service and Friendly Staff. The experience with this company was world class. They walked us through the process of getting solar and showed the financial payback and why this made sense for me. Would highly recommend this company.” – Bill H. in Clay, NY

Watch the Video to see an example of a roof mounted solar project!

ground mounted solar panels in weedsport ny


aerial view of ground mounted solar panels

drone picture of solar panels on the ground

solar panel installation in Syracuse NY

ground mounted solar shot from a drone

FAQ’s About Traditional Ground Mounted Solar Panels:

Q: Why is a ground mount better than a roof mount?
A: A ground mount can be a better solution than a roof mount for a few reasons. If the existing roof material is not in great shape, a ground mount will allow the property owner to go solar right away without the added cost of roof replacement. Also, if the house roof is shaded throughout the day, a solar project would not perform very efficiently. A ground mount can be placed strategically facing the perfect direction and ideal tilt angle.

Q: How much maintenance is required?
A: Just like a roof mounted installation, there is no required maintenance. Although, with panels on the ground we understand it may be enticing to move snow off your panels on a sunny winter day in New York. If you are going to be inclined to remove snow from your solar panels, please request NES’ guidance on the right product to use for safe removal of snow.

Q: Do ground mounts require different Building Permits?
A: The real answer is: it depends! NES handles all of the Permitting requirements and we have worked extensively in Central New York on Solar Permitting. Some towns use the exact same Permitting process, but in other towns a more thorough application is required. Either way, NES will guide the homeowner through an efficient approval process.