Pole Mounted Solar Trackers

Go Solar with Pole Mounted Solar Trackers

Solar Trackers are a wonderful blend of appearance and performance. The AllEarth Solar Trackers we install are manufactured in Vermont. The AllEarth Solar Tracker is a dual-axis solar tracker that uses innovative GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day, producing up to 45 percent more energy than rooftop solar. With its ease-of-use features, high energy performance, and small footprint, the AllEarth Solar Tracker is a ground-mount solution that gives the most return on your investment. The tracker is American-engineered and American-made, with rigorous lifecycle and wear testing to make sure the details are done right, guaranteeing that your system will have a long, reliable life. Key features include a wind rating of up to 120 mph with automatic high-wind protection settings, superior snow shedding capabilities, and a durable design that ensures that the tracker can withstand any climate. In Central New York, we need to make the most of the sunshine we do receive. Owning your own tracker(s) will give you the most energy production per day imaginable!

“NES installed the three, free-standing solar pole mounts … Throughout the process of design, acceptance, permitting, installation, and follow-up, we found Kevin and Steve to be very responsive and knowledgeable … The Nickels team researched possible reliable US manufacturers and provided data sheets for us to choose from … Nickels Energy worked around every obstacle, putting in the time and effort, requiring no additional fees, even though significant additional engineering, travel, administrative, and clerical time was required. They attended the town planning board meeting and worked through all the details with the board, requiring just minor support from us … In short, they are the best!” – Dale & Lynda T. Phoenix, NY

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FAQ’s About Pole Mounted Solar Trackers:

Q: Why are Solar Trackers more expensive?
A: Solar Trackers are more expensive because this solution comes with moving parts. This is essentially a robot on your property! On top of that, the pole that the panels attach to is more expensive than the racking components needed for a Traditional or Ballasted install. The upfront cost is offset over time by the increased production and added efficiency.

Q: Do I have to manually adjust the tilt?
A: No. The AllEarth Solar Tracker is automatically adjusting at all times. Customers who own a Solar Tracker get to just sit back, relax and watch the sunshine turn into dollars saved!

Q: What is a “pro” for the Solar Tracker strategy?
A: The main “pro” that comes to mind is that the Solar Tracker will result in increased solar production. Additionally, a Solar Tracker allows us to install more solar in a smaller footprint. By installing 20 or 24 solar panels on one individual pole, we reduce the amount of land that the solar project covers. Both the Traditional and Ballasted strategies take up a larger footprint on the property than a Solar Tracker.