NABCEP Certified Solar Professionals

NABCEP – The Gold Standard of Solar Energy

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (“NABCEP”) is the most respected, well-established and widely recognized national certification organization for professionals in the field of renewable energy. These certifications represent individuals who are skilled professionals and specialists to those working in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry.

Your NABCEP Certified Solar Professionals of Syracuse NY

nabcep solar energy certificeationHere at NES, we have a total of six employees who have earned a well-deserved certification from NABCEP. As a Central New York installer, we take pride in our professional and highly educated team. Two of our employees, Steven Nickels (President) and Jesse Symonds are recognized as NABCEP PV Installation Professionals, which is the highest and most respected certification in the Renewable Energy Industry. This certification validates our competence to perform in the role of a PV Professional, which includes, PV design, installation, operations, commissioning and maintenance.

Kevin Nickels (Vice President) is a certified NABCEP PV Technical Sales (PVTS) professional. This certification is for individuals who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in qualifying prospects, site analysis, performance analysis and financial incentives of PV systems. This certification ensures that Kevin has the ability to collect technical requirements, analyze customer needs to determine energy usage to advise and provide the customer with the most appropriate solution for their situation.

Three employees here at NES, Jon Lauer, Andrew Bonczek and Dan Sherlock have completed the NABCEP Associates Certification exam, which qualifies them with a unique set of skills. They received this certification while attending Morrisville State College and receiving a degree in Renewable Energy Technology. NABCEP’s Associate Program Certification recognizes individuals who have demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation, and operation of Photovoltaic. This credential is for people who are currently working in or seeking employment in the renewable energy industry.

At NES we take pride in our team and representing our way in a professional manner. With the employees we have and the certifications we have, we feel that we are one of the most reputable and professional Solar Companies in Central New York.